The V12 project, page2

today(4/4/2003) the second alu plate is finished Here is a look on the small subframe between gearbox and alu swingarm holders V11 exhaust is until exhaust under gearbox is ready
Notice the carpet in my workshop:-)   Wheelbase 1440, and swingarm this long
  This is how it's now 30/03/2003  
What I'm going to see when I look down    
     nice coated
Take the swingarm off, replace the gearbox, do some welding on the frame and presto! So this is a V12 Daytona? Here with seat Engine waiting for the frame
Here you can see how short the 6 speeder is First try with extended swingarm The next part is the longer swingarm, rotating near the gearbox. Not yet ready as you can see
Here the 6speed in frame  When black paint is blasted off, it looks like this. The swingarm got extended 60mm

The thing started with buying a chrased V11 le mans. In a few
hours I had only parts laying
all over the place.

 1 december 2002