Mounting instructions for the Moto Guzzi V11 tailsection


Mounting order:
1. Dismount original parts
2. Mount new tail with plateholder
3. Mount direction lights
4. if all fits right, dismount it, and get it painted.
5. When painted, mount it again
dismount the parts, on the drawing
inside the line, and the tail itself.
The license plate light is mounted with the bolts facing backwards (bolts are not used for mounting). After the painting is done, you have to glue the light on the bottom, with clear silicone glue. When the lamp breaks, you dismount the rearlight and take the rubber lampholder out to replace the light. First see if the hole in the bottom fits the lens from the light, otherwise adjust the hole. The license plate holder can be glued with silicone, or mounted with 2 bolts.
You are advised to buy small turn indicators, instead of using the big originals. But that’s up to you. That’s why the mounting position on the numberplateholder for the 2 lights is big, you can make it as small as you need to mount the chosen light.
  Rearlight wiring:
    Rearlight has the right plugs to connect to the Guzzi wiring.




Painting the bottom can be like this:

If you have a first generation V11( red frame or roso mandello), the tail mounting on top is different than on this picture. You will need a metal bracket like the one on the picture, can be ordered at your dealer, or easily self-made. For mounting the tail, the front screws, and the two on this metal bar will do.

The sizes for the metal bar are here, if you make one yourself, seems that Guzzi can’t deliver it.

The tips of the bracket should be bend 4mm down, the dotted line on the drawing is the bend line.

I would like to get a picture from your bike, when the tail is mounted.

This V11 tail is a product of Daytona IT, if you have questions, or remarks, please send an email to:, (replace the # with an @)